Full Functional - Faulty in detail

Full Functional Mobile

A full functional/working mobile is, to put it simply, a mobile that functions as it did when it left the factory of the manufacturer. So:

1) You should be able to turn your mobile phone on and off. This is pretty obvious and it will be the first thing that is checked. If the phone cannot be switched on and off then it will be regarded as a faulty mobile.

2) Your phone should work as it was intended; i.e., all of its functions are working normally. This means that all of the keys on the number pad or keyboard must work properly, the menus can be accessed, and, if there is one installed, the camera must work. If something is amiss in this normal functioning, then the company will probably rate the phone as non-working (You can always call support to get your mobile evaluated if any issue not described here)

3) It should have a working screen. Not just the touch screen, but also the regular non-touch display as well. You must be able to see the display properly when using the phone in order for the mobile to be considered fully working.

4) Your mobile phone needs to have the correct battery fitted that must be able to be charged and then hold that charge for a reasonable amount of time.

5) Finally, your phone needs to be in good cosmetic condition. This does not mean that a certain amount of day-to-day wear and tear is not acceptable; minor scratches, nicks, and scrapes are perfectly okay if they do not interfere with the working of the phone. The damage to worry about is crushed or broken screens or cases, the phone having been dropped in water, etc. These things constitute a broken mobile phone and while you might receive an offer for them, it certainly won’t be a good price.

When you do send your mobile in as a working phone remember to:

1) Erase all passwords and personal settings (best achieved by resetting the phone to its factory settings).

2) Delete any personal information (photos, songs, contacts, etc.).

3) Take out your SIM and any memory card (those you can keep).

4) Fully charge the battery.

Whether you send your battery charger along with the phone is normally up to you, but check this point because it might be a requirement of some recycle companies. we just need is your mobile.

Faulty Mobiles

So now we know what the recycling company will check for when assessing a mobile. What do recyclers immediately consider a broken mobile? Here are the general guidelines:

1) The phone start up but it’s broken.

2) The mobile has a broken or bleeding screen. Minor cosmetic screen scratches are okay; broken screens and screens that bleed thus making it difficult to impossible to see what you are doing, are not.

3) The phone has a broken speaker or microphone. Once your phone reaches its destination it will be put through a complete function test, which will include testing the sound.

4) If your phone has an aerial, it needs to be intact. A broken aerial constitutes a broken mobile phone.


All devices must not be activation locked and must be deregistered from any associated accounts. All phones and devices must be on an UAE network or not locked. Phones or devices locked to a foreign network will not be accepted.